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ECSite Launches RUConnect™ To Transform O-RAN Radio Unit Management


ECSite’s RUConnect Enhances Radio Unit Validation by Leveraging O-RAN Alliance Standards

SANTA CLARA, October 4, 2023ECSite, a trailblazer in cutting-edge telecommunications software, today announced RUConnect™, an innovative software solution that redefines the way telecommunications companies manage and maintain O-RAN Radio Units (RU). ECSite’s RUConnect software focuses on the O-RAN RU over the M-Plane (Management Plane), facilitating not only radio health assessments but also software upgrades, alarm monitoring, and installation validation making mobile deployments more efficient and less costly for mobile service providers.

For the development of RUConnect, ECSite teamed up with Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS), a global provider of design, emulation, and test solutions. As an Independent Solutions Supplier (ISS) for Keysight Technologies, ECSite used the Keysight RuSIM O-RAN fronthaul emulation solution to rigorously validate the interoperability of the software against O-RAN Alliance industry standards.

“Our partnership with ECSite unlocks new possibilities in driving field service efficiency and effectiveness in the telecommunications industry. This software isn’t just an improvement; it’s a transformative shift,” said Kalyan Sundhar, Vice President and General Manager Wireless Network Infrastructure and ORAN, Keysight.

With its unceasing dedication to innovation in wireless and cellular infrastructure testing, ECSite’s SaaS-based product expansion underscores its mission to foster efficiency, minimize costs, and deliver unparalleled value to service providers in the telecom industry.

O-RAN network providers establish networks, positioning the RU at the cell site and the Distributed Unit (DU) either centrally or cloud-hosted. The fiber link between the RU and the DU, known as the ‘fronthaul’ or ‘transport’ network, may sometimes be unavailable or insufficient when RUs are set up at the cell site. This complicates the technicians’ ability to confirm RU functionality on-site, leading to delays in network commissioning and repeated site visits, adversely affecting scalability, growth, and revenue for operators. ECSite’s RUConnect solves this pain point. 

“Keysight’s industry-leading position in O-RAN testing equipment and solutions makes this collaboration a significant step towards robust, dependable solutions. Together, we aim for a future where our industry operates more efficiently and profitably. RUConnect is a game changer for O-RAN deployments,” said Subbu Meiyappan, Founder and CEO, ECSite.

The demand for a field solution that empowers installers to authenticate O-RAN-based RUs before departure from the job site, without waiting for data transport to be accessible, is imperative to maintain and increase margins.

ECSite provides a range of field service software to tackle these legacy issues, enhancing the speed of mobile and fiber infrastructure installation and testing, while also decreasing costs. Use of ECSite’s RUConnect™ software to oversee and observe field installations of O-RUs via M-Plane enables on-site personnel to validate installations prior to departure and removes the need for time-consuming and costly return trips. This represents a substantial enhancement from conventional methods, where validation could only be done after fronthaul availability and DUs activation, sometimes a months-long process post-installation.

ECSite is moving the telecom industry forward with SaaS-based test automation solutions including Smart Load, a Bluetooth-enabled, remotely programmable open/short/load/through (Remote OSLT) telecom cable tester, the ECSite™ App and ECCloud™, a closeout telecom solution, and LuminECsa™, a fiber and cable manufacturing test automation solution.

Visit the RUConnect page and download the spec sheet for more information.

About ECSite

ECSite is an end-to-end software solution for highly technical data collection and reporting during construction, installation, commissioning, and maintenance operations of wireless telecom infrastructure leading into 5G and beyond. ECSite is a proven platform for DAS, public safety networks, small cells, macro sites, fiber builds and towers. Launched out of stealth in 2019, hundreds of contractors have used ECSite software across thousands of 4G/5G small cells nodes in the United States and Canada supporting Tier One carriers’ deployments. ECSite customers Crown Castle, Boldyn Networks, Extenet, Boingo Wireless, and AFL, among others, use the software for their stadium, transportation, warehouse, enterprise, wireless rural broadband, and smart city buildouts. ECSite recently released LuminECsa – a fiber/cable manufacturing test automation solution, used globally today for large-scale fiber manufacturing. ECSite SaaS solutions also include Smart Load, a Bluetooth-enabled, remotely programmable open/short/load/through (Remote OSLT) telecom cable tester, ECSite App and ECCloud a close-out telecom solution, and LuminECsa, a fiber and cable manufacturing test automation solution.To learn more about ECSite, follow us on LinkedIn or visit

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