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Your Current Testing Is Costing You Time and Money

With all the manual steps involved in testing and closeout packaging, the likelihood of errors are too high. Not to mention the time it takes for reviewing and processing the results.
 Surveys also show that 89% of contractors said that clients purposely find mistakes in closeout packaging to delay payments. In short, it's taking too long to get paid.
In short, it's taking too long to go-live and get paid.

We Feel Your Pain. ECSite Has the Solution.

At ECSite, we understand how critical it is for operators and 3POs to go-live quickly and for GCs to keep cash flow going and get paid quicker. We can help you simplify and streamline your closeout testing and reporting.

Increased Accuracy

AI/ML based test automation greatly improves accuracy by reducing test inconsistencies and human errors.

Project Visibility

Realtime monitoring from dashboard and push reports keep you up-to-date on testing progress.

Fast Closeout

Direct-from-Field Closeout™ enables instant auto-fill of approval-ready 5-step workbook.

How To Get Started


Schedule a demo and we will show you how to streamline your closeout.


Our team will help you implement ECSite into your testing and closeout procedure.


Start reaping the benefits of increased accuracy, project visibility, and faster closeout.

ECSite Testing Is Making A Difference

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“This app is the next best thing to sliced bread! It has saved me so much time and increased overall efficiency where I do not need to have one person down at the instrument controlling it and another walkie- talking over and hoping that they are testing at the right site. This app allows us to work efficienctly in an assembly line, away from the instrument to get my job done faster! Not to mention the time it saves after a hard day/night at work - I don’t have to fill out spreadsheets or worry about thumb drives and dropboxes. I don’t have to keep track of what tests are complete/pass/fail. The App tells me everything that I need to know at the job site”
— Norval Cole
Project Engineer, RLS-CMC, Inc.
Norval Cole - Project Engineer, RLS,CMC, Inc.

Get Instant Access to Our Instrument Guide to Protect Your Investment.

If you've ever shopped for sweep or PIM testing instruments, you know there are so many options to choose from and none of them are exactly cheap.

We created this guide with a selection of the most-used instruments on the market. This guide was designed to help you protect your investment by making sure you have the information you need to make your decision.