Dramatically Simplify Your Telecom Cable Testing

ECSite Smart Load™ Cable Tester with Bluetooth
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ECsite Smart Load


Verify every aspect of cable operation & quality from one location


Verified with Anritsu SiteMaster, Keysight FieldFox, Kaelus iVA, and Rohde & Schwarz FPH instruments


Speeds up manual testing by a factor of five when used with ECSite App

ECSite Smart Load™

The ECSite Smart Load™ is a Bluetooth-enabled, remotely programmable open/short/load/through (Remote OSLT) telecom cable tester. 

Attached to the far end of a coax cable, it allows a single technician to fully verify every aspect of the cable’s operation and quality from one location. 

With a 50-foot Bluetooth range, the technician can switch the cable tester’s functions from a companion mobile app. If further range is needed a controller module can be included to control the tester via bidirectional communication directly through the coax cable. 

Open, short, and load operations facilitate measurements of insertion loss, distance-to-fault, and return loss, while through mode allows far-end equipment to be connected and verified. 

Using the ECSite app with a suitable cable and antenna analyzer, the operator can sequence through all cable tests and record the results rapidly and accurately, allowing faster, more precise COP completion.


Smart Load Features

  • Available with optional controller module for direct bidirectional cable communication
  • Includes push-button operation for manual control, and LEDs to indicate selected mode. An accompanying loud beep also indicates mode change
  • Bluetooth low energy range of up to fifty feet
  • Internal rechargeable battery allows for 24 hours of continuous operation
  • Available with N-type and low-PIM 4.3-10 connectors
  • Internal load allows return loss measurements up to 20 dB at frequencies up to 4 GHz
  • Units that are sampling are for indoor/fair weather conditions
  • Verified and integrated with Anritsu SiteMaster, Keysight FieldFox, Kaelus iVA and Rohde & Schwarz FPH instruments
  • In lab tests, speeds up manual testing by a factor of five when used with ECSite App
  • iOS and Android apps available
  • View the assets and usage reports on the ECCloud™

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Operating Modes

Smart Load operating modes

Key Specifications

Frequency range: 100MHz to 4GHz

Modes: RF Open, RF Short, RF 50 Ohms Load, Through

Mode control: Mechanical Pushbuttons, remote control over USB, BT, Coax Input port

Switching Time: < 1ms

RF Isolation: > 30dB

Connections: USB, BT

Return Loss: 20dB or better

Supported Connectors: 4.3-10, N-type 50Ohms

Battery life: 24 hours on continuous usage

Dimensions: 4” x 2.5” x 1.5” (without the connectors)

Weight: 11.8 oz

Note: ECSite Smart Load™ is not a calibration tool. Patent Pending.

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