Who is ECSite?

Our Mission

To Provide an End-to-End Enterprise SaaS platform for (highly technical) data collection/analysis and reporting during Construction, Installation, Commissioning and Ongoing Performance Operations of Wireless Telecom Infrastructure leading into 5G and beyond.

Our Story

The concept behind ECSite software originated in 2013 at the heart of the Silicon Valley. With the ever increasing complexity of closeout packages, the founding visionaries embarked on solving the problem holistically.  Their mission was to automate everything. Their motto was "No data should be entered twice". The software was used to automate a complex and an unusual MoP prior to which it required multiple site visits and truck rolls. As problem solvers, the founders spent years developing and patenting the ECSite mobile app software and cloud-based platform. In less than a year of soft launching at the end of 2017, ECSite has completed automation on over 35 major projects entailing over 150k tests. In the due course, ECSite helped establish a standardized process throughout the nation for established System Integrators, 3POs, and Mobile Network Operators. For more information, please see ECSite Projects.

ECSite software plays a pivotal role during construction, installation and commissioning of Telecom Systems. ECSite provides a cloud-based​ end-to-end cable, antenna and system sweep/PIM measurement, MoP and trace management solution that makes the entire process virtually error-free. The solution works seamlessly with industry-standard​ sweep/PIM instruments such as Anritsu SiteMaster™, PIMMaster™, Kaelus, iVA, Kaelus, iPA, Keysight FieldFox™, and many more. ECSite is the first instrument and cloud-agnostic​ mobile and cloud platform. The process has proven to save cycle time and provide accuracy for network operators. Using ECSite software, everyday is closeout ready! With the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, the engineering team at ECSite is taking automated closeouts to an all new level! ECSite is paving the way for automation at scale.

ECSite’s flexibility in customizations was able to create a PIM mitigation app in rapid development (2 days) to address a specific customer request. ECSite thrives on customer support and customer services. The mobile application and cloud-based portal is improving daily to meet the fast pace needs of the rapidly growing demand for technology and speed. As technology revolutionizes and the telecom industry standards become more demanding and strenuous, ECSite becomes more powerful, automated and engaged. Systems users will continue to strive in efficiency with visibility, accuracy and without constraints on instrument types and network platforms.

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