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ECSite and Kaelus Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize PIM Testing for Enhanced DAS Systems Performance

[Sunnyvale, CA] – ECSite, Inc., a leader in automated infrastructure deployment solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Kaelus, a renowned name in the design and manufacture of innovative antenna system solutions for the wireless telecommunications sector. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in addressing Passive Intermodulation (PIM) challenges in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), offering a groundbreaking 2-Port PIM Test Solution that promises to redefine the landscape of telecommunications infrastructure performance.

The Challenge of PIM in DAS Systems

PIM stands as the most formidable obstacle to optimal DAS performance, with traditional troubleshooting and mitigation processes being labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly. Recognizing the critical need for efficiency and accuracy in PIM testing, ECSite and Kaelus have combined their expertise to introduce a solution that dramatically reduces test times and enhances the precision of PIM source identification.

Introducing the 2-Port PIM Test Solution

The innovative 2-Port PIM Test Solution, born from the partnership between ECSite and Kaelus, utilizes advanced 2-Port PIM test equipment alongside ECSite’s cloud platform to offer a comprehensive “PIM Map” of an antenna system. This cutting-edge approach allows for rapid pinpointing of all PIM sources, both internal and external, from a single test location – transforming what once took days or weeks into a matter of minutes.

“Having been involved in 500+ DAS projects, the Achilles heel for DAS testing is PIM issues – identifying, isolating, and mitigating is time-consuming and laborious,” said ECSite CEO Subbu Meiyappan. “With the 2-port PIM gear, the methodology that we have developed will help troubleshoot PIM issues on MIMO systems 5-10x faster. We have had a great partner in Kaelus from the early days of ECSite and looking forward to further innovations in this area.”

Why This Partnership Matters

The collaboration between ECSite and Kaelus is more than just a technical achievement; it’s a testament to the power of synergy in advancing telecommunications infrastructure. By combining ECSite’s software automation capabilities with Kaelus’s state-of-the-art test equipment, the partnership not only addresses the technical challenges of PIM testing but also sets a new standard for operational efficiency and reliability in DAS system performance.

“Kaelus is proud to have developed a state-of-the-art PIM tester that is capable of saving time and money for contractors. In partnership with ECSite, we are happy to make today’s announcement, a game-changer in DAS testing,” says Tony Langelaan, Global Product Manager for Test & Measurement.

The Benefits of the 2-Port PIM Test Solution

The 2-Port PIM Test Solution offers unparalleled benefits to wireless network providers and operators:

  • Significant Reduction in Test Time: Streamlines the PIM testing process, enabling rapid deployment and maintenance of DAS systems.
  • Identify Internal/External PIM: Using a patent-pending approach that uses ECSite software with Kaelus 2-Port PIM gear, it becomes easy to identify and isolate external PIM versus internal PIM sources.  
  • Increased Accuracy: Precisely identifies the sources of PIM, facilitating targeted mitigation efforts.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduces the need for extensive labor and repeated tests, resulting in considerable cost savings.
  • Enhanced System Performance: By effectively mitigating PIM, the solution ensures superior DAS system performance, leading to improved user experience.

For more information about the 2-Port PIM Test Solutions, download the product sheet.

About ECSite

Launched in 2019, ECSite has rapidly emerged as a game-changer in providing end-to-end enterprise SaaS solutions for the automated deployment of digital infrastructure. Specializing in data collection, analysis, and reporting for DAS, small cells, public safety, macros, and OSP projects, ECSite is committed to driving innovation in construction, installation, commissioning, and performance operations leading into 5G and beyond.

About Kaelus

Kaelus is a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of innovative antenna system solutions for the wireless telecommunications sector. Specializing in test and measurement solutions, Kaelus is dedicated to delivering products and services that enhance the performance and reliability of critical communications infrastructure.