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Davis Wade Stadium, Mississippi State, MS

With AFL as the contractor, the rip-and-replace project in Davis Wade Stadium required elaborate tracking of the innumerable details, ably managed by the ECSite automation solutions. All existing infrastructure was removed and replaced with new hardware, to support the latest generation of mobile communication, to increase coverage, service area, and new facilities.

In a number of locations, the cables shown on the design plan had to be replaced by different types: some required weather-rated cables, a tighter bend radius, or superior aesthetics. ECSite’s app made the selection and inclusion of new cables incredibly simple: the technician only had to make a single click to select the new cable. This immediately selected the appropriate test parameters for the new cable, so the tech could test the cable without any manual entry on the test instrument menus. Further, reports documenting the new cabling were created automatically.

ECSite’s solutions tracked the following:

  • 3.3 million square feet project
  • All details, photos, and testing of the entire installation
  • Project tracking and report generation
  • Storing and reporting test results for cable sweeps, PIM testing, and fiber testing
  • Super-simple cable-type swap facility with all required reporting and documentation

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