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Government Office Building, Tampa, FL

A smaller project but with some unique challenges, the installation of cellular infrastructure in a government office building in Tampa is a testament to ECSite’s project management tools. Due to security requirements, very few devices could be taken into the facility—no phones with cameras, no USB drives, not even a rental car key fob. Therefore, ECSite’s automation support was restricted—but even so, the contractor utilized the install tracker and daily reports as the authoritative resource on the project.

ECSite’s contributions included:

  • About 237,000 square feet project
  • Tracking DAS install with approximately fifty cables and twenty antennas
  • Tracking and reporting daily on all components installed, tested, and project progress
  • Reports from test technicians and the foreman in the field with a summary of the day’s work and the plan for the next day
  • Managed project tracking successfully despite security restrictions and limited access to the on-site team during work hours
  • ECSite tracked all of this information across multiple crews, and consistently delivered documented reports overnight; installation today, fully documented and reported tomorrow

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