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ECSite Used for Testing and Measurement of Public Safety Networks for the World’s Largest Online Retailer

In September 2020, during the height of the COVID pandemic, the world’s largest e-tailer needed to test and measure their Public Safety Networks for a rapidly growing footprint of one million square-foot warehouses across the United States. This global online retailer has almost a 50% market share and they deliver through warehouses across the United States fulfilling and distributing orders to very demanding customers. This was during a time when delivery was essential because of lockdowns and quarantine. And the public safety of their warehouses was consistently in the news.

That’s why they worked with ECSite. They sought the impact, innovation, and value of using a SaaS-based app to test and measure their Public Safety Networks custom-built for their warehouses. 

ECSite was chosen to ensure that new mission-critical Public Safety Networks built at these enormous warehouses in new locations such as Bakersfield, California and Auburndale, Florida, among others, had a testing process that was accurate, consistent, and secure with real time visibility. And it needed to be built fast. 

The world’s largest e-tailer chose an ECSite, and innovator, because the e-tailer is an innovator in retail, cloud, and technology.  

The ECSite App for Public Safety — it’s accurate, consistent, and secure. ECSite’s automation enables uniformity throughout the deployment process for today’s Public Safety Networks.